Choosing the best Model Trains

There are a lot of model trains today and sometimes one is spoiled for choice. Therefore, you need to know what it is exactly that you should be looking for when you are going for a model train in the market. The fact that there are a lot that has been made should tell you that getting o choose will be quite difficult. You need the right kind of rules that will guide you into getting a model train set that is not only perfect for you as a lover of trains no matter your age. These train sets are made for adults as well as for children and owning one is a dream come true for many train aficionados. Therefore, below are the three guidelines that will help you select the best model train set for you.

Don’t Confuse Scale and Gauge

The scale always has bee the proportion of the replica hat is the model of the real train. The real life trains are massive, and this is why the scaling is done, and you should never confuse this to gauge. Model train gauge is hat width that is between the inside running edge of the track. Therefore, this gauge is what determines actually what type of model train that you will go for. Hence, the factors below will matter after you have known the gauge.

1. How Much Space You Have

How much room you have in your home will be highly influential in you deciding which one to go for. This is because of the tracks as well as the tunnels that you will have to build to have a full model train set. Therefore, you need to put this factor into consideration when you are going for the model train that you want. So get to know the amount of space available and you will have the type train set of your dreams.

2. Which Scale You Prefer To Go For

This is important as you need to know whether you are going for the larger or smaller scale. You need to put your eyesight into consideration in this factor as it will help guide you on what to go for. Children mostly are best suited with the larger model trains. This is because the operation, as well as manipulation of the larger scale, is way easier for the kids. Bigger scales are also better as they are heavier, and their derailing is less likely.

Many adults will prefer the smaller scale as it has more detail to it than the larger scale.

3. The Available Accessories

The number of accessories that are available is important as the smaller scale model trains need more detail hence more accessories. This is why you should always check the number of the available accessories before you for any train model out there as this will help you get that that best suits you.

These three factors are important in choosing the right model train for you, and you will love every minute that you spend on any model that you choose after considering these guidelines.

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Traveling by Train

Whenever you are touring a country, from city to city, travelling by train can be a great way to view all that the country has to offer. We get to see the enchanting hills, open pastures, streams, and many other things, which make our journey pleasurable. Many people continue to travel by train occasionally because of the benefits that it comes with. Here are some more reasons why you could opt to travel by train instead of flights

It’s Cheaper and More Comfortable

All of us know that the train tickets are cheaper, which makes it the first choice. Additionally, there are some other aspects of traveling on trains that you might not get to enjoy on flights.
Unlike the train stations that are usually located inside the cities, most of the airports are located at a good distance away from the city. What it means is that you will be spending more money on cabs, to reach your final destination.
The best thing about train travel is that they don’t have any baggage restrictions. You won’t be asked to pay anything more for extra luggage that you might have to take with you.There are many world class railway services that make train travels as comfortable as travelling on planes, if not more. Agreed, you will spend more hours on a train, but you get more legroom, and the ceiling too is at a decent height, making it really comfortable for the passengers. Besides, you just need to arrive just a few minutes earlier than the scheduled time of departure. If you don’t have a ticket, you can just as easily procure them over the counter, and then board the train.

For plane travel, on the other hand, you will need to reach the airport at least a couple of hours prior to the scheduled departure timing, because you will have to go through all those tedious security clearance procedures, custom formalities, and weighing of baggage.You can keep all your gadgets fully charged all through your journeyWell, it might not sound that important, but you will appreciate the advantage of gadget charging outlets while travelling on trains. It can be challenging to travel without listening to your favorite tracks, without being able to use your laptop, or without being able to keep in touch with your friends and family on your way.

There is yet another aspect of traveling on railways that will make you choose them over plane travel. You can freely use your mobile phones, and stay in touch with your loved ones or your business associates, anytime during your journey. You are free to walk around and use your phone, without annoying any fellow passengers.

An Enjoyable Journey

Flying high and looking at the clouds might seem interesting, but it cannot beat the lovely view of nature and landscapes that you get to enjoy while traveling by train. If you are travelling with your children and other family members, then a train journey is a lot more fun and enjoyable in itself. You don’t need to patiently wait until you reach your destination to have fun. Instead, the whole journey in itself offers a pleasurable and relaxing experience.

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Not just a thing of the past – How trains are still used today!

Trains were one of the huge inventions by mankind. From wheels to cart to cycles the transportation systems found my man was vivid. Above all those, the invention that stood out of the crowd was the train. Like the king of the jungle, it headed with full pride. From the time which it was a monster that emitted black smoke, now it has transformed to electric high-speed trains with zero noise. We cannot find another public transport that has gone through such a huge creative intentional transformation.

Unimaginable transformation

A train was used as a transport to carry as many people as possible from one place to another. Regardless to say, it was meant for land transport. Yes, WAS. So what about now? Now it is a means of transport in the water either. The creative and technological edge has taken the train journey to the next level. Glass tunnels are built under the sea and high-speed trains run through that. Our grant parents might think this as a crazy lie. But beyond that, the fact runs across the rails of our brains.
Cultural infusion is possible on trains!

The major attraction of the train is the varieties of passengers that use it. Since it is capable of connecting long distances, people from various languages and cultures will head the same train and travel together. You may not believe that trains play a major role in cultural infusion. You might be wondering whether a single vehicle (well, a train is also a vehicle, according to me), can make wonders in the socio-economic-cultural structure of a society?

Various people interact in the train; it’s a collection of culture and the most reasonable way of transport. Trains provide a drive free experience to anyone and the whole joint family can enjoy the ride at once. When compared with ordinary buses or other public transport, Trains are cosy and comfort. As it has a huge number of seats and standing space, the travel will be hustle free and relishing.
Most reasonable mode of transport, ever

As of developing countries, it’s the cheapest mode of transport to long distances. Also, the facilities provided by the national railways can compete with other private modes of transportation. A rail transport is considered as safe than private taxis in many countries as it will contain more passengers if the traveler needs an emergency medical help or if the passenger needs immediate help. There are so many cases in which ladies have given birth in the trains and even heart patients being treated in the train. The number and variations of people in the train are indeed the most helping and attractive part of the journey.
Environment friendly

As of the environment also, it contributes in 2 ways. One; as the train carries a lot of people together, it reduces the number of private vehicles on roads reducing the carbon emission altogether. Two; Electric trains almost never pollute the environment. Trains which travel over very long distances sometimes cover forest areas and high peaks where other modes of transportations are not possible. Traveling on such routes gives an ultimate feel of satisfaction and will give a chance to explore areas which can never be traveled through other transportation mechanisms.

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The different types and functions of trains

You may chuckle as you read the title of this post. But the reality is that you may not even know any single type of a train and you use it on daily basis. To you all of them are trains and nothing differentiates them. Now you know why you will have to read post to the last word.

There are various types of trains. The categorization is based on what a train is running on, what it is carrying and where it plies. Cutting the much ado, what are the different train types you should know?

1. Depending on what they run on: there are 3 kinds in this category.

· Electric train: this one uses electricity. It is the most common type of train in the modern world. It is the fastest of all types and a popular way people use to commute both for long and short distances.

· Diesel trains: before the invention of the electrical trains, this was the main kind used. The train used diesel and was relatively faster than the steam one. They are still used for cargo and passengers in some corners of the world. But due to the advance in technology they are being faced out.

· Steam train: this one bears its origin to the time of steam engine. It was the first from of train to be used by human kind. It hardly remains operational but various museums around the world have the remains of what it used to be back in the days.

2. Depending on what they carry: this is yet another category under which trains fall. There are only 2 types in this one.

· Passenger trains: as the name goes this type is for carrying passengers. They have been used as a mode of people transport since the innovation of steam engine. They are a common type in and out of city. In big cities they are more preferred to reduce traffic jams. Often the railroad companies will use window tinting on these to make passengers more comfortable.

· Cargo trains: passengers and cargo are never put on the same train. Cargo goes in this kind of train. Just like the passenger ones, they have been in use since the invention of the steam engine. They serve to reduce traffic jams and the damage on roads.

3. Depending on where they ply: depending on where they operate, trains come in different kinds. Here there are 3 major kinds.

· Intercity trains: they link one city to another. They are common for carrying people who work in one city and live in the other.

· Regional trains: these ones traverse over countries in one region. They carry both cargo and passengers.

· Local trains: these one only ply within a given city and its suburbs. They are commonly used for carrying passengers.

These train types are not in any way exhaustible. There many subsets of train types but that is a topic for another day. Now you understand why your chuckle was misplaced in the first place. You really did not know much about types of trains.




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History of Trains

The development of steam trains in the 19th century brought a transformation to the world because they could carry people as well as goods at unprecedented speeds across the globe. The Baltimore & Ohio, the first steam powered train opened in 1830 and today, more than 180 years later railroads are still playing a major role in people’s lives. The history of trains is very fascinating and from the early steam locomotives to the high speed bullets trains we have in our modern times, here are a few interesting things you should add to your knowledge.

The term “horsepower” was initially a marketing tool

James Watt might not have created the steam engine but he created the first modern one then developed a means to measure its power. The earlier design required constant cooling and re-heating, which wasted a lot of energy, do Watt added a condenser that made things easier. He calculated how much one horse in a mill could produce over a certain period of time and dubbed the result horsepower. Using those results, he came up with a calculated result that indicated how many horses it would take to replace an engine.

The first train lost a race to a horse.

The Baltimore & Ohio, the diet company to transport people struggled to produce an engine that would travel over rough or uneven terrain. An industrialist named Peter Cooper decided to design an engine that would handle those tough terrains. The train was named “Tom Thumb” and as it was undergoing testing, a horse drawn train challenged Cooper to a race and he accepted. The steam engine took the lead but somewhere on the way broke loose and the horse crossed the line first.

Trains contributed to the victory of the American Civil War.

Throughout the war, transportation of soldiers as well as heavy artillery became easier with the use of trains. Actually, trains played a major role in the transportation of 20,000 troops that were badly needed in the battle of Chickamauga in Sep 1863. This was the fastest and longest troop movement in the 19th century because they moved from Washington D.C to Georgia, which is 1,200 miles in 11 days.

The world’s first travel agency is attributed to a train trip

A Baptist minister named Thomas Cook organized a train excursion in 1841 for 540 parishioners to attend a meeting in London. He negotiated a set fare for all passengers including tickets and meals and the trip was such a success that he expanded the operations. He went from the UK to the US and Europe providing passengers with packages that included tickets, meals as well as accommodation. By 1873, his agency, now named Thomas Cook and Son, has an international railway timetable and by 1890, they were selling over 8 million rail tickets annually.


There are numerous more facts that make the history of trains so much more interesting like the fact that by now, bullet trains can go at a speed of up to 300 mph. It has been such a beautiful journey, one that inventors are still advancing with the use of technology.

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