The different types and functions of trains

You may chuckle as you read the title of this post. But the reality is that you may not even know any single type of a train and you use it on daily basis. To you all of them are trains and nothing differentiates them. Now you know why you will have to read post to the last word.

There are various types of trains. The categorization is based on what a train is running on, what it is carrying and where it plies. Cutting the much ado, what are the different train types you should know?

1. Depending on what they run on: there are 3 kinds in this category.

· Electric train: this one uses electricity. It is the most common type of train in the modern world. It is the fastest of all types and a popular way people use to commute both for long and short distances.

· Diesel trains: before the invention of the electrical trains, this was the main kind used. The train used diesel and was relatively faster than the steam one. They are still used for cargo and passengers in some corners of the world. But due to the advance in technology they are being faced out.

· Steam train: this one bears its origin to the time of steam engine. It was the first from of train to be used by human kind. It hardly remains operational but various museums around the world have the remains of what it used to be back in the days.

2. Depending on what they carry: this is yet another category under which trains fall. There are only 2 types in this one.

· Passenger trains: as the name goes this type is for carrying passengers. They have been used as a mode of people transport since the innovation of steam engine. They are a common type in and out of city. In big cities they are more preferred to reduce traffic jams. Often the railroad companies will use window tinting on these to make passengers more comfortable.

· Cargo trains: passengers and cargo are never put on the same train. Cargo goes in this kind of train. Just like the passenger ones, they have been in use since the invention of the steam engine. They serve to reduce traffic jams and the damage on roads.

3. Depending on where they ply: depending on where they operate, trains come in different kinds. Here there are 3 major kinds.

· Intercity trains: they link one city to another. They are common for carrying people who work in one city and live in the other.

· Regional trains: these ones traverse over countries in one region. They carry both cargo and passengers.

· Local trains: these one only ply within a given city and its suburbs. They are commonly used for carrying passengers.

These train types are not in any way exhaustible. There many subsets of train types but that is a topic for another day. Now you understand why your chuckle was misplaced in the first place. You really did not know much about types of trains.




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